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Warehouse Management System – WMS

  • Each module is product by itself and can by implemented individually
  • Capability to schedule appointments directly with warehouse
  • AR and Voice Enabled picking
  • Integration with Yard and dock management to assign door for unloading
  • Automated/Touchless Receiving, ASN or PO level receiving for each unit, case or pallets to assign license plate
  • Interleaving for pallet movement inside the warehouse
  • Integration with Labor management and productivity reporting tools
  • Quality Control with various USDA required digital tests, code date compliance, estimation of shelf life for grocery operation
  • Advance algorithms to find best possible slot to reduce wasted space
  • Wave and waveless Order processing
  • Advance inventory allocation algorithms and Substitution
  • Temperature zone specific picks and consolidation for dispensing
  • Rules engine allows client to configure their own business rules
  • Integration with WCS, Robotics and IoT capable devices
  • Loading, shipping and integration with last mile delivery
  • A Micro-services architecture-based product, deployed in a cloud environment