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Fulfillment System - QuikPik

  • Captures eCommerce orders from order management system
  • Prioritizes orders for picking based on delivery or pick up time.
  • AR and Voice Enabled picking
  • Uses various algorithm for inventory allocation, prioritization and substitution
  • Used Proprietary developed OLCM (Order Life Cycle Manager) to control the cycle of order thru various status
  • Dynamically assigns orders to picker
  • Pick Path Optimization
  • Single order pick or Multi-order picks
  • Temperature zone specific picks and consolidation for dispensing
  • Rules engine allows client to configure their business rules for their needs.
  • Integrates with OMS, Inventory Management System, Automated picking like robots, Dispensing, POS and Last Mile delivery system.
  • Uses advance techniques to calculate how many totes/bags/cases are required to fulfill the orders with their sizes
  • Simplified order monitoring with user friendly UI and custom reporting
  • A Micro-services architecture-based product, deployed in a cloud environment