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Inventory Reconciliation – SiREN

  • SiREN – Scope Inventory REconcialatioN
    • SiREN is a generic Integration layer which gives flexibility to connect any robotics, AGV or WCS with fulfillment and manufacturing systems. It enables the inventory reconciliation between automation and fulfillment inventory systems.
  • SiREN offers:
    • Flexibility – Customer can use any WMS. SiREN will take input from WMS in any format and converts into standard canonical format designed by automation vendor
    • Fast – Reduction in integration time by almost 6-8 months. Estimated time to integrate is around 4-5 months. Simple and Fast.
    • Accuracy - SiREN will also do inventory reconciliation automatically and will keep inventory in sync between WMS and Automation Module
    • Focus - Automation vendor partners can focus on optimizing their software and let SiREN do the rest.
    • Savings - Cost of Integration is considerably less than point to point solution